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Why Sports?

Why choose sports?

High school Sports

With all the options available to students now and with the risk associated with sports (injuries, abuse, etc..) why should you think about letting your son/daughter play any sports? While sports can be dangerous from a physical aspect what we have learned is that isolation is much more harmful for young men and women. Of course in the beginning God warned that it was "not good for man to be alone". This did not mean just interaction on a computer but a physical need for interaction. Sports provide a great place to build friendships. Recently we did a survey of why our kids played a certain sport. The overwhelming response was friendships. Not only is interaction a positive but also learning some basic real life skills. How to work on a team, how to set a goal and achieve that with other people. How to fight through adversity, how to lean on others to help you with your goals, how to be dependable. Sport teams are (in my opinion) the best way to learn these life lessons. Sports should be viewed as a tool to help build young men and women to be the future leaders they will become.

Coach Key

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