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Football Stadium


About Trinity Christian

Why we exist

Trinity Christian exists to provide athletic opportunities to homeschool and small private school students who otherwise would not have the ability to play the sport they love. At Trinity Christian we believe that sports should be seen as a tool to help develop young men and women into the leaders of tomorrow. We agree that we want to always perform at the highest level we can, at Trinity we think the lessons learned from team sports such as hard work , sportsmanship, handling adversity, overcoming fears, leading and perservance are all ones that benefit every person regardless of athletic ability or achievement. 

Our Games

Our Team

Trinity Christian is mostly ran and coached by homeschool parents. As homeschool parents we understand the demands of homeschooling plus the focus that homeschool parents have on providing the best environment for their children. At Trinity your child will be treated with respect and dignity. They will not be belittled or "cussed" at while trying to play a sport they love. While they will be pushed to perform their best, we understand that not every child is the same and therefore can't be coached the same. Our focus is not only on them becoming the best athlete they can be but most importantly helping them in their Christian journey of maturity. 

Interested in Trinity Sports

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